Saturday, June 08, 2013

Booth Wood Res'r and Ringstone

Evening visit found 2 Cormorants at Booth Wood Res'r

c90 L B B Gulls (mostly adults) in the sileage fields behind the embankment before they moved on to the res'r to bathe before drifting off east around 8 pm.
Last year the sileage was taken off  much later, around 21st July when a 1,000 or more B H Gulls turned up with the 7 Black T Godwits to feast on the leftovers from the farming activities. This also drew in a Greenshank and on 24th a Med Gull. I think the work has occured a bit too early this year to pull in the large concentrations of B H and Common Gulls but it was nice to see a good number of lessers.

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