Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lee Mount

Waders on the move last night!
I went out to the bins last night just after 11 pm and heard a wader calling in flight, I could only put it down to Green Sandpiper but waders passing over when there is no chance of seeing them and away from 'normal habitat' - I have an element of doubt in my identification! It called 3 times at short intervals.
I stayed outside till near midnight thinking of the possibility of other sounds of movement when another wader passed over but only a single one note call so I am still pondering that one!
Later on, near midnight I did get a positive id with a Curlew over calling.
All 3 wader sounded to be heading in the same direction - SW
I will be out later tonight but conditions might not be the same as last night was calm and still with stars showing a perfect night and ideal conditions for moving birds!


Steve Blacksmith said...

When I go out last thing before bed to de-slug the veg patch, I occasionally here waders going over in the dark. The only one I've been confident in id is oystercatcher, but once I saw a small party of curlew/whimbrel silently fly across the moon.

Brian Sumner . said...

Just a shame we,ve no shoreline to bring them down, seems like they,re giving us a miss this year.
Hope none of your neighbours see you out at midnight with bins, you,ll get arrested.

DJSutcliffe said...

Perfect evening again last might, Wednesday, but nothing doing at all . Stars were brilliant though with Cygnus showing well right above us so just a swan over !!!!!!