Monday, August 20, 2012

Dippers at Callis Bridge, Little Owls at Tod

While I was waiting for a puncture to be repaired at the local garage I walked round to Callis Bridge to watch the weir and river for a while and was treated to 3 Dippers preening and feeding. Two flew off after about 10 mins but the 3rd stayed all the time I watched. It went the width of the weir where the water runs over and flipped over each leaf that had been trapped there, grabbing food after moving a couple of them.

A Grey Wagtail flew in and stayed for a few minutes.

Early yesterday morning there were 3 Little Owls (2 adults and 1 juv) calling at Mankinholes and 2 at Lee Dam (both adults). At one point I could see 4 individuals through the bins. Nothing else around though apart from a Willow Warbler.

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DJSutcliffe said...

Nice one with the Dippers and Little Owls Jeff - they are a bit thin on the ground up this end so it's good there are some about up your way.