Thursday, August 23, 2012

late Swallows & very early Pinkfeet ?

Bradley Hall Farm area - young Swallows were food calling from a new nest at the usual canal bridge, with adults bringing food in regularly. Maybe the previous nests were abandoned and this is a very late brood in a completely new nest ?
There were also 40+ House Martins over and a single Sand Martin over the river in Brighouse.
Surprisingly, no Yellowhammers seemed to be around at B H Farm
25+ House Martins were over Lightcliffe this evening.
And a reliable report from a Bailiffe Bridge resident of a skein of over 100 high flying geese calling loudly going West towards Halifax around mid-day yesterday. Any other sightings of Pinkfeet around ??


DJSutcliffe said...

Very early for Pinkies Mike but Canada's are through their moult now and moving about a lot. Martin Mere website will probably say if any pinkies have arrived, will have a look.
Good do with the hirundines.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Part grown young in a nest of swallows at Barkisland, the first brood - they started late. Another pair building beside them had just added the feather lining last monday, 21st Aug. Be interesting to see if the hen lays eggs. Will be able to check next monday.