Sunday, May 06, 2012

Various sites yesterday

Set off looking for some Groppers but I think they were put off by the cold and overcast weather, two grey partridge was the best I could manage at Scammonden.  Had a walk up the pennine way at Saddleworth hoping for a Dotterel, another failure.  Two wheatear (one F Greenland) a pair of red grouse and a sparrowhawk.  Could hear a Golden Plover calling up there but no sight.  Had a walk round Luddenden Dean, usual stuff but nothing of note other than a flock of 15 mipits moving through.  I noticed a lot of pale mipits at most locations yesterday.  Ended the day at Warley res. a whinchat near the gate, 4 common sandpiper and two wheatear.


C Elliott said...

Heard three individual Groppers at Scammonden three weeks ago. None last weekend. Heard just the one up there this morning.

Also this morning, male and female Stonechat, 1 Reed Bunting, 1 Kestrel, 1 Curlew, 1 Swift (my first of the year), a possible Raven and 1 Weasel!

C Elliott said...
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Steve Blacksmith said...

I thought I was looking at a raven last week up there but as I was driving I couldnt be certain.
I was on the top road from Barkisland to Buckstones.

Good picture of the whinchat,Jim.

C Elliott said...

The bird I saw briefly yesterday was flying around Dean Head reservoir, visible from that road. Unfortunately it flew out of view before I could get my bins on it. Way too big to be a crow or rook. Was hoping it would craw, but it didn't!

Brian Sumner . said...

Cracking Whinchat Jim, had 3 visits but dipped on it.