Friday, May 11, 2012


In the mile or so between The Sportsmans and the top of Crosstones Road I saw from the car - merlin towards Staups moor - lapwing on territory - curlew on territory - oystercatcher - redshank All in less than 2 minutes. And yet, the well meaning tree planting drive by Blackshaw Head residents continues unhindered. Should we be speaking to them and helping them in an advisory role about upland birds and trees?


Andrew Huyton said...

suspect this is the Tree-irresponsibilty gang at work again. We should try but not sure where we would begin.

AndyC said...

Staups moor,Bridestones,Blackshaw/stansfield Moor and up to Hoof stone Heights is one of the best areas in Calderdale for upland breeding waders and other moorland /fringe species and a lot of this is protected under the SPA.