Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Buzzards... update

Update....from Richard Benyon today

We’ve listened to public concerns, so we are stopping the planned research and developing new research proposals on buzzards.

Today, Wildlife Minister Richard Benyon said:

“In the light of the public concerns expressed in recent days, I have decided to look at developing new research proposals on buzzards.

“The success of conservation measures has seen large increases in the numbers of buzzards and other birds of prey over the last two decades.  As Minister for Wildlife I celebrate that and since 2010 we have championed many new measures to benefit wildlife across England – set out in our England Biodiversity Strategy.

 “At the same time it is right that we make decisions on the basis of sound evidence and we do need to understand better the whole relationship between raptors, game birds and other livestock. I will collaborate with all the organisations that have an interest in this issue and will bring forward new proposals.”

What concerns me are the words I have highlighted in bold. What are they suggesting?


Nick Carter said...

Just heard via the web that the proposal has been dropped as a result of public opinion backlash, well done to anyone who took the time to complain, write e mails, sign petitions etc. Let's not take our eye off this one though, I believe the statement says they are "developing further research".

AndyC said...

Great news,The power of the web and bloggs wins again....keep complaining

DJSutcliffe said...

Great news but I guess they will ploy another tactic now so watch this space!

Andrew Huyton said...

The RSPB, NERF, Natural England, Wildlife Trust need to stand together and pool rescoures get Farmers onside and Car Insurers and look at the damage that Pheasants do to our native wildlife, crops and vehicles. They need to suggest/prove that it is the pheasant that is culled as a non native pest species not our native species.

Steve Cummings said...

Does the "Minister of Wildlife" actually understand what wildlife is? I suspect not.

Nick Carter said...

The Countryside Alliance have been quoted as saying the Government has given in to "those who shout loudest" they forget we also shouted facts.

Bruce said...

Andy. Totally agree, plus how about I had better not say!!
I am sure you will know what I mean.