Monday, April 17, 2017

Roils Head

Thanks to HeavyBirder for the previous posts,prompted me to go up to Roils Head looking for the redstart. Never been up before,really glad i did,good hour produced loads of birds. will definatley be heading back. Found the redstart in the tree line at the far mount tabor end.very flighty but managed to get a few photos.Also my ongoing quest to get a good goldcrest photo got a little closer,can never manage to find one that stays still.managed an impressive back shot today!

Birds seen included

pied wagtail
meadow pipit


heavy birder said...

Well done Matt, glad to know its still there, will have another look tomorrow. Redstarts are rare in the spring at Roils Head but fairly common in August and early September. Was the heron in the frog ponds, it usually is.

David Sutcliffe said...

Well done to get photos as well. Goldcrests are pretty tricky and Redstarts dont stay still for long either.

MattEames said...

didnt see any ponds!! the heron was a flyover towards mount tabor