Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fly Flats

Late morning with the reservoir filling up rapidly with all the recent rain and no shoreline left.
Still the usual waders showing but not a lot else other than c30 Rooks (an uncommon bird at this location) foraging in the in-bye with their newly fledged youngsters.
c60 Swifts - now building in numbers along with 8 Swallows making the most of hatching insects.
1 Red-legged Partridge
2 L B B Gulls



Brian Sumner . said...

We need the water level back down by the end of July now.

David Sutcliffe said...

We do Bri, but not much hope of that with the present forecast. !

Roman said...

Not related to this post but I just noticed I had not seen any recent posts from your blog in my blog feed readers (Blogself on iPad and Feedly on Windows). I don't have any issues with receiving updates from other sites such as "West Yorkshire Birding" and I have tried deleting and re-adding your site to the reader list without success. The last post I received was the Red Kite post on 14th March, did you make any changes to your site about that time? Not a big issue, it just means I have to visit your blog directly rather than automatically receiving notification of new posts. Regards,