Monday, June 20, 2016

Colnebridge area

Sand Martins in and out of two holes under the Leeds/Brighouse railway bridge, overlooking the canal. Same site as previous years. Female Goosander and 4 juvs at the junction of the Calder and Colne rivers. About a dozen Swallows nearby, including juvs being fed. Grey Wagtail by the canal, Cormorant over the river, and Blackcaps calling in the undergrowth.


Matt Bell said...

I don't know that area well Mile. Is there a suitable place to trial an artificial sand martin bank? Could really boost numbers there, which would hopefully have a knock on effect in the rest of South Calderdale.

Mike Stead said...

It's in the very S east corner of our area, Matt, beyond Cooper Bridge.
It's maybe possible that an artificial bank could be set up alongside the river Colne,just before it meets the Calder, or even alondside the Calder. Not sure who the landowners would be, though.
Map ref is 177203 if that helps.