Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fly Flats etc

Fly Flats
Rough conditions again with heavy hail storms from the north. No new arrivals or passage birds.
3 L B B Gulls
2 Herring Gulls

Withens Head
1 Snipe
1 female Wheatear
1 Little Owl
Curlew and Lapwings

Cold Edge Road
21 Golden Plover in fields near Nolstar along with 2 Skylarks


Brian Sumner . said...

Brave man up there today Dave. Nice Goldie count

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Horrendous weather at times today.
Well done braving it Dave.

brian percival said...

Same flock of Golden Plover? 21 this morning above Hubberton.

David Sutcliffe said...

Could be the same flock Brian. It would only take them a minute or two to get over there the speed GP's fly !