Friday, April 22, 2016

Cold Edge and Withens Head

Cold Edge
1 Little Grebe
12+ Swallows
1 Willow Warbler
1 Sand Martin
1 Little Owl
2 Wheatear
plus usual species

Withens Head
9 Golden Plover - included 2 individuals as below looking like the northern form males just coming into full summer plumage.

 Golden Plover
Meadow Pipit


AndyC said...

Very Smart goldies.....

Muxy said...

Superb goldies. Do the Northern form breed locally or are they moving further North?

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Smart photos Dave.

Brian Sumner . said...

Wonder if its another group of Goldies or the ones from lower down by the kennels.

David Sutcliffe said...

Didn't get chance to check the Nolstar birds Bri.
Yes Muxy the northern ones get to Iceland or and Northern Europe. They look fantastic in summer plumage and we could get some more yet.

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Cracking shots of this lovely bird Dave

David Sutcliffe said...

Might be worth keeping a check on these fields for Dotterell in the next few weeks. Or any other hill top for that matter !