Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Whiteholme Res'r and Withens Clough Res'r

I gave Whiteholme a try this morning after PG reported the Morecambe Bay look-alike yesterday !!
Shame there were no ducks or waders..............
Pretty misty most of the time as well
5 Wheatears,
2 Twite (near the catchwater inflow)
50+ Meadow Pipits
A few Red Grouse
1 Kestrel
And most unusual for up there - a single Magpie and a Grey Squirrel on the shorelines big boulders.

Whiteholme Reservoir
Withens Clough
1 Green Woodpecker
1 Peregrine flyover towards Cragg Vale


Brian Sumner . said...

Think we can forget the waders again this year

ChrisJB said...

Good one on the twite Dave. Not seen one at Whiteholme for years.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Think there was a feeding station there in recent years (by the round stone column)but gather it's no longer supplied if anyone knows ??
We have lost the Twite from the feeding station at Fly Flatts as well though we are trying another location but no succes with Twite yet !! (but BS is targetting Snow Bunt)

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Nice one with the Twite Dave.

(I'll keep trying with the Nyger seed on Soil Hill)

ChrisJB said...

There used to be two feeding stations up there Dave, one where you described and one by Warland Res' as I recall. I think they were discontinued several ears ago.