Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Taylor Lane

              Had a wander up to Taylor Lane to see if the Cuckoo's
              were still there and was quite a fruitful day, two other birders
              were there when I arrived, Denise was one of them and
               she was very clued up on birds and had eyes like a hawk,she'd just
              seen 3 Whinchat up Old Guy Road but all I'd seen were Starlings and
              she got to see Siskins in a flock of Gold and Greenfinch while I was
              further up the road looking for Cuckoo's and I'm sure there were two
              of them and I also seen a flock of Linnets flying from wall to wall and
              a group of Goldie's on the thistles, 3 Kestrel were seen while driving along
              Roper lane and about 10 Common Gull and plenty of Swallows.
              Garden had Gold and Greenfinch, Great & BlueTits and a first for me in the
              garden were 2 Coal Tits, also 1Wren, 1 Dunnock, 3 Collared Doves, 2 Wood
              Pigeons, 5 Starlings and a Raven flew overhead high up, 1 Swift in back field.


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FRAN44 said...

Great shots Dave.