Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Soil Hill

Nice to be back home and back on Soil Hill, and what better way to mark the return than with an absolute patch Mega! Nuthatch! Caught about 30 seconds with it in the group of small trees just opposite the main track, before it vanished back into the trees!
Also on Site were 
-Carrion Crow (8)
-Meadow Pipit
-Linnet (10)
-Blackbird (5)
-Dunnock (2)
-Chaffinch (3)
-Goldcrest (2)
-Coal Tit (2)
-Swallow (1)
-Feral Pigeon
-Swift (14)
-Lesser Black-Backed Gull (2)
-Moorhen (2)
-Kestrel (1)
-Magpie (1)
-Great Tit (1)
-Pied Wagtail (1)


mick said...

What , no lifers . ? Must be in the wrong place. I have heard Spurn is quite a good spot . Good to have you back

Mick and Kath

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Brill... welcome back.

AndyC said...

One of the great success story's of the last decade...nice record

Nick Carter said...

I agree Andy, he's done well hasn't he, oh you meant Nuthatch? :)