Monday, June 29, 2015

Pied flycatcher

Over two weeks ago a female pied flycatcher was seen around a nest box in a large Calderdale woodland. I went down to see it at the time, and the bird was returning to the box every 10-15 minutes, but only for seconds at a time. The box is not one of CBCG's and the hole is at the bottom of the front of the box, rather than the top. As a result you could see straight in. A quick look revealed 6 eggs. Tonight, I checked again, and the same 6 eggs are still there, with no sign of the female. I'm hoping she maybe found a better more secure box to start a new nest in? Though that may be wishful thinking.

In better news, a pair of blackcap were feeding well grown young.

Back at Jumble Hole, there are two singing whitethroat in close proximity, with one taking up residence in the garden. Notable by their absence this year are woodcock, for the first year in the last 12 I've been up here.

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