Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Recent news

Ringstone - up to 100 Golden Plover and 150 Lapwings on and off in the last few days though Golden Plover down to c40 this morning.  Everything went up this morning when a female Sparrowhawk came through and stayed in the willows in the edge of the Res'r.

Yesterday at Gorple - a Woodcock at dusk and a Grey Partridge calling.
A number of Chaff's heading up the valley at Blake Dean late afternoon and at least 6 Stock Doves and 14 Lapwings.

At least 15 Twite at Rishworth recently. We are hoping for some at Fly Flatts this year after last year when none were reported!
2 Siskin and 2 Nuthatch on garden feeders at Lee Mount today.


Brian Sumner . said...

Will be putting Nyjer down at Fly Flatts and Leeshaw reservoir from the beginning of March whenever I visit either site.
Would be helpful with any HX birders finding themselves going to FF to take a couple of handful up there to keep the flow going.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

We will put some down Bri as regular as we can. Will get some ordered.
They have been at Derby Delph all winter on and off with up to 25 at peak times. Lets hope we get some at Fly this time!