Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lesser Pecker

It was heard clearly drumming in trees next to the main path at Coach Road. But it never managed to reveal a good view of itself !
About 100 metres further up the track from most of last year's sightings.
Also a male and female G S Pecker were noisily chasing through the trees nearby.
Hope this is the first of a few more posts !


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Welcome back Mike - especially with such good news !!

Dave Sutcliffe said...

We had a check there this afternoon Mike (after gammon and chips at Kershaws!!) but we found no 'peckers' - though we will try again.

mike stead said...

No sign this morning either, Dave, after much searching.
We had to make do with a Goldcrest in the garden conifer instead.
Glad you enjoyed Kershaws !