Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shibden Park

An interesting message via the BS hub at Queensbury this afternoon of a possible Kittiwake on Shibden Park lake. PS confirmed the birds identity shortly afterwards and we managed to get down late afternoon along with Ian S - his local patch!
The bird is an adult coming out of winter plumage and was very confiding as it paddled around on the lake next to the footpath. It was not seen to feed though it was alert but we were not sure whether or not it was exhausted though it showed no apparent damage to plumage. It was not seen to fly but did flap its wings a couple of times.  See what tomorrow brings!
Some photos later.
A very good find for our local area. Well done to the person who passed the info on to Brian.


Brian Sumner . said...

Glad you got it Dave , a good local tick.
Well done to Michael Nield the finder for being alert and spotting it and for sending me the text.

Nick Carter said...

According to Birdguides, still there today (20th) and taking offered small fish.