Sunday, November 03, 2013


No reports today of any sightings of yesterday's Firecrest - though I tried up there late afternoon and good to meet Bri and Denise there and gather Dave ('the finder') had searched earlier without success.
We were wondering if the bird has moved on after all that terrible weather last night but felt maybe there is a chance it could stay around for a while if the weather stays mild - though they are birds that tend to like a milder and warmer climate than in West Yorkshire!
Lets hope someone can turn it up again this week.

I also gather Dave also found a very late Wheatear on Soil Hill yesterday - another good record for our area.


AndyC said...

Dave did you get any pics of late Wheatear.??

Dave Franz said...

Flew off before i could get a shot.

Brian Sumner . said...

We all want a milder, warmer climate than West Yorkshire Dave but we stick around!