Tuesday, November 19, 2013

David Franz- Your prestigious award awaits you

Your Firecrest award is ready to take its place on your fireplace Dave.
See" West Yorkshire Birding" for details.


Nick Carter said...

Fantastic, I wondered what had happened to these! A worthy recipient.

Nick Carter said...

Brian, I have renamed your blog under the links as "West Yorkshire Birding" (formerly Brian Sumners blog)

Brian Sumner . said...

Thanks for that Nick.
Surprising how the Golden Bollocks keep turning up !
Sorry to here you may be leaving us but its easy to keep in touch.

Jeff Cox said...

Well deserved David. A great year for you and Calderdale birders. Congratulations.

heavy birder said...

Well done Dave a great find, probably equivilent to finding a Dusky Warber at Filey or a Red-flanked Blue Tail at Flamborough.