Monday, September 16, 2013

Mixenden Res'r

This afternoon - conditions not much better than this morning but there was some shelter from the plantation. House Martins in particular were concentrating on feeding over the Res'r with around 70 there plus around 30 Swallows. Not often House Martins outnumber Swallows!
1 adult Great Crested Grebe
68 Jackdaws at Stodfold along with 38 Woodpigeons (mainly juvs)
A few Meadow Pipits on Hunter Hill and Carrion Crows feasting on a sheep carcass!


Nick Carter said...

Large movement of House Martins on the coast at weekend

Steve Blacksmith said...

Swallows were feeding in a tight flock together this morning in the lee of some trees out of the wind at Barkisland. About 30.

Jeff Cox said...

Went over to Hornsea Mere this afternoon Dave and there were hundreds of House Martins and Swallows, but I reckon Martins outnumbered Swallows 2 to 1 at least. On Saturday there were about 30 House Martins around our house but only a handful of Swallows over the fields. A much better year for Martins I reckon.

Brian Sumner . said...

Strange where these House Martins have appeared from. Very few around Queensbury this summer and certainly none of the usual breeders.