Thursday, July 04, 2013

Tern - Ringstone

I assume it is a Common but can someone confirm from these 'record' shots?

Peregrine close by sat on its perch near its website.  Seemed to be ignoring the walker who was only around 50 yards away.


Dave Sutcliffe said...

I would have a go for 'Arctic' as there is no sign of the 'Commons' dark wedge on the primaries from these shots and the neck/head looks shorter than 'Commons' - have you any more shots ?
Nice one with the peg by the way.

Muxy said...

The Peg was near its nest site not website!!!! And that's without a drink.
I have loads of pics but none that clear. I will post another one to see if it helps.

AndyC said...

im with dave.

Nick Carter said...

Nice plain even upper wing, no black wedge (which by now I think Common would show), well demarcated trailing edge to primaries on very white underwing and short necked and "taily" appearance point to Arctic for me.

Muxy said...

Thanks for the feedback