Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tree Sparrows

Today while feeding the tree sparrows I tried to fix wire cages round the feeders to deter the corvids. Unfortunately it was not highly successful; the corvids were detered but so were the sparrows! I tried 2 sizes of netting thinking the first was too small,despite the holes being larger than the cages in my garden(provided by the RSPB)I waited about an hour and though there were lots of tree sparrows(some begging for food) none of them ventured onto the feeders. I shall go up again in a day or so and see what has happened. If anyone is around perhaps you could report back to me. I do not think they will go hungry as they seem to be happy eating off the floor on the spilt seed.

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Matt Bell said...

Hi Jane. I use two 'half dome' wire hanging baskets from a pound shop or Wilkinsons, and wire them together. It is a big enough gauge to let birds as big as great spotted woodpecker through, but not jackdaws.