Friday, May 31, 2013

Fly Flatts

We went up there to check on the possibility of any Twite and to  put Nyger seed down in the usual locations. Not a sign of any Twite - this is bad news! As far as I know there has only been a couple of sightings (from BS) this year with a maximum of two birds. Definately not looking good which is great shame after all the support from the RSPB, volunteers and landowners etc over the last few years.
2 Redshank
2 Oystercatchers
2 Lapwings
Curlew heard
No Common Sandpipers today - which is unusual
Pair of Kestrels
Red Grouse with chicks
usual Canadas some with chicks
1 L B B Gull over and one dead adult on the side of the res'r
3 Swifts
2 Swallows
1 Pied Wagtail and a few mipits feeding young
And along the top road 2 seperate Wheatears on the wall tops

1 comment:

Brian Sumner . said...

Looking bad on the Twite scene this year Dave. Kept putting the seed down each week but only 2 birds seen so far.
Wont be up there Sunday as its the big mountain bike annual race starting off from the reservoir. Hope they,ve all got permits.