Friday, September 07, 2012

Mixenden and Ogden

1 Raven over Stodfold high >NW
Lots of House Martins and a smaller number of Swallows in the valley between Mixenden and Ogden - included lots of young birds of both species especially in the Hays Lane area
2 Sand Martins at Mixenden Res'r
1 Spotted Flycatcher at Stodfold and another at Mixenden plantation
2 Cormorants at Mixenden Res'r along with 1 f Tufted Duck
Ogden golf course - one Short-eared Owl was probably flushed by golfers 'in the rough' then it headed off over the top end of Ogden plantation and out of sight.
No sign of NK's Yellow-legged Gull at Ogden with only 2 L B B Gull's present by the time we got there an hour or so after the sighting. Thanks for the call Nigel.

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Brian Sumner . said...

A real mixed bag there Dave