Sunday, September 23, 2012

Birds on the boundary

Seen on today's annual Brighouse Boundary Walk

Dipper -at Wellholme Park
c25 Goldfinches at Rastrick
c20 House Martins at Rastrick
Heron over the M62- Rastrick
Kestrel by the M62- Rastrick
2 Buzzards over Kirklees Hall
c90 Starlings at Hartshead
c100 Lapwings over newly ploughed fields at Rastrick
c200 B H Gulls in "               "                          " + 6 Herring Gulls and 7/8 Common Gulls
c90 Starlings on wires at Clifton
c 25 H Martins with 6/7 Swallows at Clifton
2 sore feet after 14.3 miles......!

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Steve Blacksmith said...

Well done, Mike!