Sunday, August 28, 2022

Cromwell Bottom

I uploaded some of my photos of the Cromwell Bottom Tit to social media and a researcher named Richard Broughton ( who wrote his PhD thesis on the identification and separation of Marsh and Willow Tit, responded identifying the bird as a juvenile Willow Tit. 

Given the dramatic decline of Willow Tit nationally, I guess it’s good they can still make the occasional appearance in our area. Not ideal when an individual of the species pair remains as silent as possible. 


Peter Smith said...

Thanks Daniel; that's very helpful. I thought that three of your photos on 20 August showed a pale panel on the secondaries, but I was too timid to say anything. A useful lesson!

Daniel Branch said...

Certainly, it's been an 'educational' bird. I think I've learned more about this species pair from the last week than from all my prior birding. Haha