Thursday, September 23, 2021

Pink-footed Geese

A reasonably good movement over Calderdale between 16:40 and 19:30. Thanks for all the reports - taking out possible duplication there were in the region of 780 after a recount (around 11 skeins) birds mostly heading in  a westerly direction in a blustery westerly wind.

Around 130 in this shot , closely followed by c60 others though I couldn't get them all together in one shot.
Part of a bigger movement today with reports of 80 birds over the Aire Valley (HF), 2,000+ over the Highlands (MJB) and hundreds and hundreds heading south over the Humber towards The Wash this afternoon. (PB)

Maybe more overnight - and hopefully - more tomorrow - from first light maybe.??? 

Photo counts, direction of flight, location and times are valuable.

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Bradshaw Rambler said...

Nice report Dave.
They take some counting don't they? Even from a photo!