Friday, March 05, 2021

Crimsworth Dean

We had around 4hrs in the upper dean today just about the length of Haworth Old Road to the top, overlooking the Worth Valley, and return. After early sunshine it became overcast, pretty cold with and east wind that did ease as the day progressed. Still a great day to be out for a good walk.

c60 Pink-footed Geese were going high >W over Pecket Well at 10:45 - maybe the same lot from Dave B over Brighouse area at around 10:25.

Plenty of Curlew 30+, Lapwings 200+ and Golden Plover 60+. The latter high over the moor we didn't find any 'on the deck' - no sign of any Oystercatchers or Redshank up there, yet.
1 Meadow Pipit - the regular incoming birds must be holding back in this cold spell
3 Buzzards , mostly distant
2 Kestrels
3 Song Thrush together on  a wall was unusual and I double checked they wern't Redwings
2 Greenfinch
Plenty Red Grouse and vocal
32 species in total

There were also signs to say Lumb Falls is closed - apparently too much anti-social behaviour and litter etc - the footpath is still open though.
Also sad to see so much burning on the moors beyond Keighley with six big fires towards Wharfedale. Thankfully we didn't see any in the Walshaw area but there was also burning in the north peak. 


Muxy said...

I saw some heather on fire above crimsworth Dean this aft. Is that controlled burning? Seems a funny time of year when birds starting to nest

Bradshaw Rambler said...

I struggle with local Goldies sightings most years, but hopefully I'll get some down the Shay Fields before long.
Sounds like you enjoyed a good, long, outing there Dave... Still longjohn weather though ...
(Little John)!