Saturday, December 05, 2020

Cold Edge

 Mid to late morning. Still a good covering of snow on the ground but it was fine and clear visibility.

1 drake Goldeneye on the top dam with around 20 Mallard on the lower dam
9 Canada Geese
1 Grey Heron
1 Moorhen
1 Kestrel
3 Stonechats
3 House Sparrows (not very common up here)
3 Bullfinch feeding on the heather by the plantation
Unidentified Pipit, I couldn't get any close enough views and it left high >S - but it wasn't a Meadow P - I have to let it it go but it's bugging me !!!

Plus some of the usual species including a call from NK -  "Pink-footed Geese over towards Cold Edge" just as they flew over. Maybe 70 they were high and fast >W at 11:20 as were another flock from AC maybe 80+ but these were more distant over the Luddenden /Calder Valley - again >W at 12:00. Only had the phone camera with me and not quick enough to get a shot for an accurate count.


Bradshaw Rambler said...

Like the final "Moody" photo Dave.
Tough luck with the Pipit.
Most of the reported pinkies seem to pass south of me.

Muxy said...

The pinkies were reported flying just south of wainstalls which I class as mount Tabor and I still couldn't pick them out!

David Sutcliffe said...

Hi Muxy - from Cold Edge they were in that direction but maybe beyond Mt Tabor ? - very high and fast they could be through by the time I got the texts out. It's a shame to miss out, they are a great spectacle. More to come... hopefully. Dave