Tuesday, January 07, 2020


Mid till late afternoon...very blustery conditions
1 Kingfisher in the area below the embankment was a good start along with a single Grey Wagtail
11+ Long-tailed Tits on the west side footpath

Tried hard to locate the Siskin/Redpoll flock but they eluded me though I did find a 'tit' flock comprising of at least 14 Coal Tits, a few Goldcrests and just a single Great Tit and 2 Blue Tits though there were other small birds flitting about in the canopy of pines making identification difficult. All near the north east inlet.
c120 Mallard

The rest were gulls. I've never seen so many there as they usually gather prior to moving off to roost at Thornton Moor. Maybe 800+, mostly Black-headed Gulls and a good number of Common Gulls with them. Just one first winter Herring Gull.
I also picked out a Herring Gull type bathing. An adult with a totally white head and as it kept lifting out of the water it showed distinct yellow legs. The conditions were not good and it didn't help when all the gulls went up and with the light going at 15.20 I lost it...by DJS


Bradshaw Rambler said...

800 Gulls would take some time to look through Dave!
A good do for Ogden.
Kingfishers(s) seems to be doing well there

AndyC said...

Nice one with the YLG ...good winter record