Sunday, November 10, 2019

Elland Gravel Pits 9 November

Cormorant 15 (7 then 6 on pylon)
Great crested grebe 1
Goosander 3m 7f
Kingfisher 1

The photos were taken with a Panasonic Lumix TZ80 (a pocket camera with a 30x optical zoom and a viewfinder). When I'm birding I catch buses and walk miles, so I don't want to carry the weight of a scope and tripod. I've found that this camera gives me a decent chance of identifying birds beyond the range of my 10x30 binocs (Kite Lynx, not heavy to hold, great optics). Looking at, and maybe sharing, photos (even printing difficult ones) has I think given me as many - if not more - distant birds as when I used to scope them. Of course my photos are nothing like the quality of those taken by NCD, DF, and others. My last photo gives an idea of the possibilities and limitations of the TZ80. It was taken behind the Casa restaurant, and the goosanders were at the other end of the skiing lake - 600 metres away.

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