Thursday, September 07, 2017

Beware of developments

The Local Development Plan for Calderdale could still have a serious impact on birding sites in our area.
The biggest housing site proposed is on the green fields between Jay House Lane and Wellholme Park, Brighouse (2000 houses).
The Woodhouse area of farmland next to Bradley Woods is also targeted.
As if our farmland and woodland species didn't have a tough enough time already !

Lots of other sites can be found either on the following website - plan   or in the local libraries.
Objections can be made online (after registering) or on proforma sheets in the library.
Some other areas that I spotted include -
Land near Ovenden Wood Road.
Hays Lane Mixenden.
School Lane Bradshaw (a big site).
Near West End Golf Club.
Saddleworth Road Greetland.
Exley Lane Elland.
Freeman's Wood Brighouse.
Shelf - lots of sites.
Westercroft Lane Northowram.
It's quite a tedious job working through the details, and objections have to be in by the end of the month.
Good Luck !


Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks for ploughing through them Mike. As you say, it is a tedious job.
Must find time to check them.
As Hugh Firman says, it's much more effective and likely to be successful if objections and suggestions are submitted early, before plans get well advanced.
Chris Tindal has been trying to rally support and requests data to help protect the Jay House Lane farmland from development.

mike stead said...

I've seen Chris' comments and very thorough they are.
I've commented on the red and amber list species at risk as well, and have referred to our annual report for supporting evidence.

AndyC said...

Golden plover and lapwing wintering flock ,,at jay house lane

mike stead said...

Yes, I've highlighted those, thanks Andy.

Nick Carter said...

Perhaps not directly linked but I have seen something from a friend of Sandra's on Facebook alluding to the building of a tarmac cycle way through the Ryburn Valley leading to loss of woodland habitat?

Dom Ranson said...

Yeah I've seen dippers down that cutting where it flows as a stream, hard to imagine them getting on with the tarmac...

Jane U said...

Hi Mike do you wish me to add any objections to the list of sites you have highlighted
Hugh thinks the deadline has been moved to Mondat 2nd October so could write sime on behalf of the CBCG