Thursday, July 06, 2017


Checked out a LEO site last night and had 3 well grown young hunger calling with adult bringing in food. Then moved on to a reported Barny site and found the bird strait away. There's still probably a few weeks left for finding Leos before the young disperse.


Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Great Stuff

Phil D said...

Excellent news for both LEO and Barn Owls!

Got a good look at 2 Owlets at another Calderdale site last night, too dark for photos but took a couple of videos on phone with good audio of hunger calling, one adult out hunting.

Visited 3 Calderdale LEO breeding sites this last week, one has 3 owlets, two other sites have at least a pair, all seem to be doing well :)

Also visited another 4 sites over the last month just outside our area with a total of 10 owlets, again, all doing well :)