Friday, May 06, 2016


I heard a brief screech in Todmorden town centre yesterday, but was not able to scan upwards as I was busy at the ATM. I didn't hear any further calls, and assumed it must have been birds passing through.
This morning, however, there were four birds circling the Wellington Road area, and I assume the same four birds were  in the same area when I returned from work this evening. I am sure they were later arriving back in the late 1990's when I first got interested?
I haven't seen any House Martins in Todmorden yet, although I did spot some in suburban Manchester yesterday..


mike stead said...

Two Swifts back over Hove Edge tonight as well,(usually about a dozen around on average) along with about 10 House Martins.
The Martins usually manage to find some friendly eaves to nest under, if the old nests haven't been removed by the owners.

Matthew Broadbent said...

I saw 4 swifts over Illingworth yesterday and 1 house martin over Booth at a usual nesting site

Matt Bell said...

Saw my first swifts of the year racing about in Hebden Beidge centre today, along with a handful of house martins and a couple of swallows.