Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lee Mount

In the garden - I love these sorts of days - hot sunshine, rising thermals and a slight breeze creating an afternoon for looking skywards for black dots against the white fleecy clouds.
Sometimes find nothing up there but today was special with 2 Common Buzzards over very high at 12:50, a large Peregrine soaring round high at 13:30 drifted off >SE then a Red Kite >N towards Swales Moor/Ploughcroft at 14:25 followed by a Kestrel a few minutes later. A female Sparrowhawk went over later in the afternoon making it a 'five fa' first for garden watch !!
Distant photos taken to see if they are good enough to post on the blog later.
Long live the deckchair!!!!


Brian Sumner . said...

I suppose we can excuse the lazy mans approach to birding this time. Thanks for the call but the Red Kite avoided the garage.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

You deserve a rest Dave, after all the sites you visit!!


NTBR said...

Always good to see a kite Dave.