Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fly Flatts etc

Thoroughly depressing seeing all the 'shooters' heading to the moor this afternoon so I didn't stay. It's strange how the general public aren't allowed to walk along the res'r embankment  to enjoy the birds, wildlife and scenery now - but if you have a gun and loads of dogs - preparing to blast birds out of the air then apparently its ok.
Its a good job a really smart looking Wheatear came along to lift the gloom!
Withens Head turned up a Stonechat as well so that was a bonus.
Also over Lee Mount earlier c35 pink-footed Geese >NW at 10:10
Ringstone Res'r also turned up Whooper Swan (AC) but it left >E early afternoon (AT)
Later in the day 7 Whooper Swans flew high over Lee Mount >NW at 17:40

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Brian Sumner . said...

The parasites with guns have ruined Fly Flatts now with so many shoots. The place is dead on a Sunday morning with any remaining Grouse driven across to the south end and boathouse area.
Its a shame Yorkshire Water seems to have changed its views on conservation and public involvement for blood money.