Saturday, September 20, 2014

200 at last

Brian Leecy handed over the Halifax Bird Watchers Club GB Award to me tonight for co finding the Wryneck two weeks ago and finaly reaching 200 species for Calderdale, lets hope I dont hold it for too long and that some one finds another good bird this autumn. Changing the subject I had a phone call tonight from the guy who wrights the Bird Watchers Year Book and he is desperate for a copy of the Birds of Halifax, if anyone has got a copy they no longer need could you please let me know, cheers.


Nick Carter said...

Congratulations Nick, well done and well deserved!

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Well done Nick. are you the first to 200 ?

heavy birder said...

Think so, Andy C is on 199, perhaps we should found a 200 club???? JB might be very close but dosnt do a lot in Calderdale any more