Friday, August 02, 2013


After our success the other night with the Green Sandpiper Nick Carter and myself couldn't resist another opportunity to get out and check another site for waders moving through.

On arrival we were greeted with lots of small tortoiseshell and large white butterflies as well as several silver y moths all feeding on the thistles by the side of the path.

At the res a mountain biker flushed 3 Curlew from the far end and calling they carried on their journey south, as well as these we were also treated to:-

LRP x 1
Teal x 7
Merlin x 3
Mallard x  1

Not a great list but the Merlin were fantastic, hunting and giving great if brief views.

Several Damselflies and a Dragonfly sp. photos to follow if anyone can help with the id.


AndyC said...

Its excellent for Black Darter along the drain..............only place ive seen them in cALDERDALE

Andrew Huyton said...

I'll get picture posted Andy, I had Black Darter as a possible but ruled it out going off distribution map in book.

AndyC said...

How many small torts aprox..??