Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nestboxes further delays

Unfortunately I'm having to work again Saturday and as there was only Howard available we have had to postpone until 15th.

We would welcome extra hands and ladders to assist in this vital work of protecting the nestboxes from predators so if you have done all your xmas shopping why not join us.

10am Jerusalem Farm car park, the sooner we get done the sooner we can have a festive drink in a local pub :-)

Please let us know if you plan on coming so we know if everyone has arrived or not.


Andrew Huyton said...

Drink will probably be in Cat 'n' Well and if you turn up just for that then it's your round lol

Nick Carter said...

Depends what time we get back from Congleton, might be able to be there for part of it though

Andrew Huyton said...

looks like it might be the Chairman's round lol