Monday, November 05, 2012

Swales Moor

Poor do up there at the moment since all the weedy areas have been cultivated and sown down with Rye grass - a disaster. No Skylarks or mipits and not looking good for Snow Buntings either!.
Small amount of movement through over the top mid to late morning - all SW.
23 Fieldfare
2 Mistle Thrush
3 Goldfinch
1 Blackbird
1 Sparrowhawk
63 Woodpigeons
1 B H Gull
5 Common Gull
usual corvids with up to 60 Carrion Crows
Grey Partridge heard calling nearby

1 comment:

Brian Sumner . said...

Its a shame they,ve spoilt the patch in the manure field where all the Pied Wagtails used to congregate.
Only chance up there now is the Shore Lark field.