Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blackshaw Head, Noah Dale

Today a Short-eared Owl hunting near Sportsman Inn at Kebs and over to Bridestones.
Gap in inner primaries on right wing.

Last Wednesday in Noah Dale, it was alive with game birds; a pair of Grey Partridge had about 20 young, half their size but able to fly (downhill at least), a pair of pheasants with a handfull of flying young, and 9 young Grouse on the tops.

Five Twite near "Hoar Side" SD939296

Curlews seen and one Golden Plover heard. One Kestrel, many Meadow Pipits.

Also on the moor was excited to flush a young red deer hind. First I've seen in Calderdale, but a friend had seen one or the same 9 days earlier down the valley at Land Farm Gardens.
I am leading a "Wildside" walk to this area - 10.30am Jack Bridge Weds 22nd July no dogs or children under 10 please.


Nick Carter said...

Thanks steve, I'll pass the twite record onto Nick Wilkinson (RSPB recovery project)

Andrew Huyton said...

Steve the Red deer will have escaped from the deer farm opposite the golf course