Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Does anyone fancy joining me for a day at Spurn this coming Saturday, sorry it's short notice but thats my life I'm afraid. I'm happy to drive and have room for 3 comfortably, 4 at a squeeze.
Leave your names and numbers to arrange, early start suggested; open to ideas on exact time. I've not checked high tides, weather reports etc as yet.


Matt Bell said...


I would have loved to have come along, but as bloody usual I'm busy! Good idea putting it on the blog though - I'm definately up for a trip out soon. Let me know what turns up Saturday, just to wind me up!

Andrew Huyton said...

will let you know next time got a weekend free from football. Don't get many so have tot grab them as and when they come along.

Iain G said...


If you have a space or two free myself and possibly my girlfriend would love to come along. We'd be more than happy to share petrol costs. We're fairly new to birding and I've just got involved with Halifax group.


Andrew Huyton said...

Iain be more than happy to have you both along, your the first to respond. where do you live? email your number to me @ and I'll ring you on friday evening to arrange times etc.